Victor-Lucian Georgescu, Deuteronomy 4:1-40 and the First Commandment of the Decalogue

Deut 4:1-40 forms the second and principal part of Moses’ twofold inaugural deuteronomic discourse, in which he prepares Israel, in the narrated world of Deuteronomy, for his Torah discourse (Deut 5:1– 26:19). Whereas the preparatory role of Deut 4:1-40 is explicitly fulfilled by Moses’ words in the initial (Deut 4:1-8) and final (Deut 4:32-40) sections, the prophet uses this occasion to provide, in the central sections (Deut 4:9-24.25-31), a thorough exegetical exposition of the Decalogue’s First commandment. This discourse thus displays thematic and textual connections with the content of Ex 20:2-6 (/ Deut 5:6-10). In this presentation, I shall show why these connections deserve a serious and complete investigation, also presenting the current state of research, as well as the premises and methods that will be used to undertake such an analysis.