Ancient Greek Summer Courses 2019


The Dan Slusanschi Summer School for Classical and Oriental Languages organized an Intensive Ancient Greek Language Course (beginners/intermediate) which took place in Sibiu, Romania, September 9-21, 2019. The course is organized in collaboration with the foundation Humanitas Christiana, with the support of the Dia.Logos Association.

A limited number of bursaries were available upon request at

Two parallel sessions were be held for beginner and, respectively, intermediate level, with 6 hours/day training for 10 days. A field trip to Păltiniș took place in September 14.

Because more non-Romanian (coming from: Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, England, Finland, Russia, Turkey) students enrolled, the training language was English and the Course was led by two Instructors: Antoaneta Sabău (main organizer) and Octavian Gordon.


Antoaneta Sabau is a research fellow of the Institute of Ecumenical Research, Lucian Blaga University, Sibiu. She has studied Classical Philology at the University of Bucharest and Medieval Studies at Central European University, Budapest. She has had research stays at Centre Sevres (Paris), University College Dublin, and Pontifical Institute for Medieval Studies, Toronto and has pursued training in Latin palaeography with an Andrew W. Mellon scholarship for the Diploma Program in Manuscript Studies (at the American Academy in Rome and the Pontifical Institute for Medieval Studies, Toronto). She holds a PIMS Certificate of Proficiency in Medieval Latin. She has been studying the Latin textual tradition of the Exercitia Spiritualia by Ignatius of Loyola and is currently working on Johannes Scotus Eriugena’s translations of Greek fathers. She is preparing the first Romanian translations of Eriugena’s Periphyseon and De praedestinatione. Antoaneta is also a co-founder of the Dan Slusanschi School for Classical and Oriental Languages.


Octavian Gordon holds a PhD in Classical Studies, with a thesis in Philology on LactantiusDe mortibus persecutorum (2007, under the supervision of Prof. Dan Slușanschi). He currently teaches Old Greek and Latin at the University of Bucharest. He has been a scholarship holder and fellow for PhD and postdoctoral research of several European Universities, such as Fribourg (scholarship holder of the Swiss Confederation, under the supervision of Prof. Jacques Schamp), Berlin (both Freie Universität and von Humboldt), Salonica, Münster (under the supervision of Professor Georgios Makris) and Bucharest. As a fellow of the New Europe College – Institute for Advanced Study in Bucharest, he participated in the translation into Romanian of the Septuagint and in other translation projects, especially from the biblical and byzantine literature. He has attended more than 40 scientific conferences and is a member of many academic organizations. He is a National Correspondent for Romania and member in the Scientific Council of the International Association of Patristic Studies. He was appointed General Director of the National Library of Romania from June 2016 to May 2017.



See below some pictures taken during the Course: