What Future for Europe?


The Conference of European Churches (CEC) has addressed its concern regarding the changing European situation. Due to the political situation in Europe today, where more and more nationalist driven movements have been growing, CEC is concerned by that the European values and the European project itself are threatened.

This are the most important point of the open letter and the reasons why this letter has been written:

“In evaluating Europe’s current challenges as part of our efforts leading to the next CEC

Assembly, which will take place in 2018, the CEC Governing Board:

  • Issues this open letter to churches in Europe on the situation in the continent,

which outlines its vision of Europe with regard to the EU and shares its concerns

about the future of this historical European project in the present circumstances;

  • Reaffirms its understanding of the EU as a community of values pursuing human

dignity, peace, reconciliation, justice, the rule of law, democracy, the respect for

human rights, solidarity and sustainability;

  • Encourages CEC Member Churches and all Christians in Europe to step up efforts

in making such Christian virtues as respect for others, solidarity, diaconia and

building up a community more visible in public life;

  • Calls churches in Europe to an intensive discussion on the future of our continent,

the role of the European Union and our vision of shared values;

  • Invites CEC Member Churches and partner organisations to react to this letter in

considering the specific situation in different parts of the continent and in

contributing to a consultative and participatory process leading to the next CEC

Assembly.“ [1]

In order to disseminate the responses to this open letter, and to further prepare for the next General Assembly in Novi Sad 2018 the Conference of European Churches invites Member Churches to regional consultations. Two regional consultations have already been held. Churches from the Nordic-Baltic region met from

17-18 March in Reykjavik and churches from the UK and Ireland from 6-7 April in Edinburgh. Another consultation has been held from 4-6 October 2017 at the Orthodox Academy in Volos (Greece) for churches in the South.

The last consultation had been held in Prague for Churches in Central and Eastern Europe from 30 November – 1 December 2017.

On the same subject „The Future of Europe: a value-based and effective Union”, the European Commission and the European Parliament, invited religious leaders from diverse traditions to discuss on this issue.

They dicussed themes like how to shape a cohesive Europe with common values, ignorance in relation to radicalization. But most important how to make word become acts.


[1] Conference of European Churches, What future for Europe? Reaffirming the European project as building a community of values. An open letter of CEC to churches and partner organisations in Europe and an invitation to dialogue and consultation; Pg.1; 2016