Bursieri 2022

  1. Isabela Grigoraș: The Life of St. Ierene of Athens. A New Critical Edition with Translation
  2. Ovidiu Sferlea: Didymus the Blind and the Tradition of Epektasis
  3. Raul-Alexandru Todika: Forerunner Model of Dialogue? Contacts between the Cistercian Monks and the Orthodox Christians between the 12th and 14th Centuries
  4. Mihai Tudosă: Orthodoxy and Orthopraxy among Romanians during the Great War
  5. Ionel Moldovan: Editing Work for Publishing the Memoirs of the Priests of the Iași Archdiocese from the End of the First World War
  6. Iuliana Cindrea-Nagy: Old Calendarist Nuns and the Issue of Monastic Incarceration in Interwar Romania
  7. Sorin Vulcănescu: Homo hedonicus angesichts der Lebensentscheidungen. Ein bioethischer Exkurs über die nachchristliche Kultur